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Monday, 10 May 2010

Do you remember way back when you were just a little kid, and your parents would beat you mercilessly? No? No, they did a good job of making you forget all of that, didn't they?

Stop crying, you little bungsucker.

I should go on to point out that while AWfUL! Comics may be back, the exact meaning of such a sentiment really doesn't hold any weight by way of a promise of updates. Though you didn't need me to tell you that, did you? Sitting there, all high-and-mighty on your throne that you've fashioned out of your thousands of "Most updated website of the week" awards. Well I've got news for you, kid. There's no such award. That's right, take a closer look at all those "awards" you've been resting your flabby arse on every day. That's right, they're small children encased in plastic. Yeah, it's all fitting together now, isn't it? Every week, I've been kidnapping a child, encasing them in plastic and shipping them to you under the guise of an award. And you've been sitting on them. Nice work, arsehole.

Anyway, enjoy the comic.

Lucas "Strange Half-Justice" Heil
Co-Producer of AWfUL! Comics

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Remember kiddo, "Santa Claus" is an anagram of "Satan Lucas".

Merry Christmas.

Now go on, your gift is over there, under the mistletoe with creepy old Uncle Walter.

Lucas "Baubles" Heil
Co-Producer of AWfUL! Comics

Friday, 30 October 2009

Halloween - one of the best times of year for Halloween parties.

For those ladies out there who are headed out to a Halloween party but still don't have a costume, I've compiled a list of suggestions you might want to consider:

Sexy nurse
Sexy cat
Sexy rabbit
Sexy cheerleader
Sexy French maid
Sexy ghost
Sexy dominatrix
Sexy zombie
Sexy dominatrix zombie
Sexy scientist
Sexy nudist
Sexy slut
Sexy Lucas-humper
Sexy wine expert
Sexy Colonel Sanders
Normal Colonel Sanders

These are preferred, but you may like to be a bit more creative, and try combining some of them, such as:

Sexy cheerleader scientist
Sexy cat wine expert
Sexy dominatrix Colonel Sanders
Normal Colonel Sanders Lucas-humper

And so on.

Anyway, Mazel Tov, and have a finger lickin' Halloween.

Lucas "Mrs Sanders" Heil
Co-Producer of AWfUL! Comics

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